What is the IHS Fee? And why do I pay this?

What is the IHS Fee? And why do I pay this?

Do I have to pay the whole IHS fee for my UK VISA if I am not going to stay for the entire time of my Visa?

The IHS stands for Immigration Health Surcharge and you are wondering why you are paying for it and what you are entitled to:

Many people who migrate to the UK will come from countries where health care varies and now that you have paid the IHS fee what are you entitled to in the UK and what do you need to show in order to receive it?

The IHS covers you to free NHS hospital treatment in the United Kingdom on a similar basis to an ordinary resident person and this will be applied from the date your visa is granted until it expires. Paying the surcharge does not mean that you’re going to be treated faster. A Doctor will assess the urgency of your condition and if necessary, you’ll be placed on a waiting list.

All UK Working Visa will need to pay an IHS fee.

To ensure that you receive your free health care you will need to show your BRP Card (Biometric Residence permit). Its your visa card basically!

What will you end up paying for?

Prescriptions - but it's not that expensive, certain prescriptions start at just £9.

Eye Test -  anything to do with your eye's, I'm afraid you'll have to pay for.

Dentist - but the price is not all that bad. If you need a scale and polish its only around £23. If you need a filling or a tooth removed its only £62.

Assisted conception - I just thought you should know you’ll need to pay for that too.

Wigs – wigs are available with the NHS but you will need to pay for them.

When you think about it, most of us will see the Doctor or need to go to the hospital, so understanding that you are covered in the UK for accidents or sickness should give you (and your parents) peace of mind!

We often get asked: 'Do I have to pay the IHS for every year of my Visa, even if I am only going to stay for 1 year?'

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is 'yes'. If you apply for the 2-year Youth Mobility Visa, for example, you will have to pay for 2 years of NHS coverage. For the UK Ancestry Visa, this is 5 years! This is why the Ancestry Visa has become so expensive.

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