About Us

Restless World is a collective of UK visa, employment and travel experts. No matter what your hopes and dreams are for your UK experience, our team can help you in arranging a gap year, a working holiday, a temporary relocation or even a permanent migration. And we can do it with a minimum of stress and fuss.

There can be a lot to get your head around when looking to relocate overseas. Every one of our team members is deeply passionate about travel, and have the knowledge and expertise to make your relocation and travels as smooth as possible. We can take care of the boring stuff – the forms, the rules, the applications and the regulations – so that you can focus on planning the fun stuff!

Restless World have been providing visa and arrival services since 2008, assisting thousands upon thousands of young adventurers in their relocation since. With a head office on the Gold Coast, and staff based in Melbourne, Auckland, London and Vancouver, we are perfectly placed to assist you in every step of your overseas journey.

Our Mission

Restless World’s goal is to provide young travellers with a one-stop shop for everything that they’ll need to successfully transition to the UK. Our central mission is to build a tight-knit community of smart travellers, forming a database of helpful knowledge, products and services that take the hassle out of organising a UK trip, as well as providing travellers with the chance to share their experiences.

Why We’re Here

Prior to the creation of Restless World, there seemed to be a major gap in the market when it came to a complete service that helped Aussies, Canadians and Kiwis arrange their travels to the UK. Restless World’s core products and services – visa assistance, essential relocation and job recommendations - were designed to fill that void.

How We Work

Over the years, Restless World has built up a network that covers every aspect of the UK travel experience. We’ve hand selected exclusive partner companies who deliver the world’s best, most cost-effective and reputable products and services, ensuring that your adventure turns out just as amazing as you’d hoped! Restless World is here to give you as many options as possible, allowing you to make a confident, informed decision before you set off on your adventure.

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