Meet The UK Visa Support Team

We at Restless World don’t want to be one of those cold, faceless organisations. We feel that our personality is one of our major strengths, and if you’re thinking of using us to help you with your travels, you may want to know a bit about us!

It’s our pleasure to introduce our team of worldly travel gurus to you: 

Kylie Delahaye
Visa Consultant

Kylie is a passionate traveller who has ventured to many countries over the past 20 years. She has also experienced life as a resident in both the UK and Ireland. Living and working in England for five years in the hospitality industry and also with American Express Corporate Travel (organising travel Visas for clients), Kylie gained inside knowledge into both the fun and serious sides of London. Kylie then hopped over the channel to Dublin and spent the next decade expanding her list of travel destinations around the world and continuing her work in the travel industry.  

 Kylie knows from experience that Europe is an amazing place to discover and she can't wait to help you realise your dreams, experience a new culture and have the opportunity to explore a whole new world.


Jacqueline Keningale
Settlement Visa Specialist

Jacqueline is no stranger to working and living aboard, employed by the Foreign and Commonwealth office from 1986 to 1996 she moved around the globe residing in varying places including London, Moscow, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Jacqueline and her family then moved to Australia and she began working for the British High Commission Visa and Passport Section. Over the last 8 years she has held the position of Entry Clearance Officer and then UK Visa and Immigration Liaison Manager for Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and PNG before the office closed in March 2018.   

With over 30 years’ experience working for the UK Government, Jacqueline has expert knowledge of all visa types and an in-depth knowledge of UK Visas and Immigration procedures. She is focussed on customer service and making the cumbersome task of visa application a smooth process for all involved.


Isabelle McIlroy
Visa Consultant

Isabelle has worked in the travel industry for over 15 years and is no stranger to overseas travel, relocating to new countries and applying for visas herself. She was born in Germany and moved to Australia on a student visa and later became a permanent resident. Isabelle lived and worked in Ireland and the UK for several years and is always on the lookout for her next travel adventure. 

Not only does Isabelle put herself into her clients' shoes,  she is always going to walk that extra mile to get applications over the line. 


Ian Westwood
Visa Immigration Lawyer

After 10 years of frontline experience with the UK Home Office, Ian established an impressive niche legal practice in immigration law. Twenty years later, Ian is still very much the “go-to-guy” on all complex immigration matters and an invaluable member of the Restless World team.

Ian has helped countless celebrities, multi-national companies and other organisations to comply with the complexities of migrating to the UK. Now his skills and services are at your disposal, negotiating the nitty gritty details of even the most difficult visa applications. He provides Restless World clients with strategic advice to ensure their visas are approved the first time, without having to fork out additional money on application fees. He’s the sort of guy you want on your side!