UK Money Transfers

Transferring money internationally has always been an expensive business. Major banks hit you with not only a variety of fees, but also an often sub-par transfer rate. Using the major banks to transfer funds internationally can be a real lose-lose situation.

That’s where the team at OFX comes in. Restless World has teamed up with OFX because they simply do international transfers better. You can send your money overseas faster, and for a lot less!

What’s the deal?

OFX offers Restless World customers a stunning deal to help get their international adventure off to the best possible start. By using Restless World, all of your transfers under $10,000AUD are completely FREE. All you have to do is register via the link below!

Why use OFX?

By using OFX for your international money transfers, you’ll get:

  •         Fast and secure international money transfers;
  •         A far better exchange rate than that offered by the major banks;
  •         No hidden fees – total transparency in the transfer process;
  •         No bank fees on the receiving end (in most countries);
  •         24/7 support, no matter where you are in the world;
  •         A fully licensed, regulated, and internationally respected company;
  •         FREE transfers, always!

About OFX

An Australian foreign exchange company that has grown to become one of the largest in the world, OFX combines the systems and confidence of dealing with a big bank, with the personal touch of a small operator.

With offices in Sydney, Toronto, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and Auckland, OFX are available for support wherever in the world you may be. They offer a weekday service that runs 24 hours a day, manned by a sprawling support network. They also offer a full complement of online international money services.

OFX is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the code OFX and has an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Are you looking to transfer now?

As a Restless World client, you’re eligible for international funds transfers absolutely free. To take up this offer, simply click on the ad below!


Any more questions?

If you’ve got a query that wasn’t answered here, the friendly OFX team are ready to help! Simply call 0845 686 1950 (in the UK) or 1300 300 424 (in Australia) to chat to the OFX staff. Alternatively you can register online, and gain access to live foreign exchange rates immediately. Registration is also free!