UK Pub Job Program

Work & play in the UK!


Restless World is excited to offer the opportunity of a lifetime to enthusiastic young people who are looking to experience life in the UK first-hand. In combination with the UK Pub Co, Restless World can ensure you make a successful application for a visa, while UK Pub Co can arrange a guaranteed UK pub job with full time hours and staff accommodation included, all prepared prior to you even stepping off the plane! For a fast, easy, cheap and safe way to set yourself up in the UK, a successful UK Visa application alongside a UK pub job placement can’t be beat!

There are a huge amount of pub options in bustling London, where you can explore every corner of one of the world’s most exciting cities. But if city life isn’t for you, UK Pub Co has also partnered with watering holes in the Midlands, Northern England, the West Coast, and even a handful of establishments in Wales and Scotland.

Moving to the other side of the world can be challenging. Take the stress out of the situation by guaranteeing yourself a job, a place to stay, and some excellent company, all before you even land in Heathrow.


Am I Eligibile?


What's Included?


Why Choose UK Pub Co?

How much does a placement cost?

The UK Pub Job Program starts at just AU$890!

How do I apply?

Are you interested in a UK Pub Job Placement? With such an amazing opportunity on offer, why wouldn’t you be! Simply key in your personal details and some approximate travel dates below, and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can with further application details!

Hear what our participants have to say...

Going with Restless World and The UK Pub Co. was a no-brainer. They made the whole process easy, from visa application, to confirming my job before I left home. I arrived in London, spent a few days exploring, and then hopped on a train to my pub located just outside of Windsor, a little more than an hour from London. From day one at the pub, I was welcomed with open arms, went through some on-the-fly training, and started earning money and making friends straight away! 

Steven C.