UK Health & Medical Care

Immigration Health Surcharge:

All citizens of Australian, New Zealand, and Canada with be provided with full access to the NHS (British National Health Service) for the term of their visa. This will provide the same Health Service rights as received by British citizens including all visits to the Doctor and hospital and access to prescriptions at the same price as any UK citizen. Please note this surcharge covers the person for the full duration of the visa. 

To see more information about the IHS and calculate the fee for yourself click on the links below. 

Information About the IHS:

IHS Information:

Calculate your IHS:

IHS fee covers you for National Health Services (NHS) in the UK. When you get to the UK and receive your full visa BRP card then you show your card to receive access to healthcare in the UK. 

Information on NHS services explained:

For a full rundown of your entitlements under the NHS system, you can review the Migrant Health Guide on the official UK Government website ( here.

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