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The most helpful agency ever

The team at Restless World repeatedly went above and beyond during the process of my visa application. I wasn’t sure exactly which visa was best for me when I began my planning my trip but with their help I was able to find the easiest, cheapest and most-fitting visa for my personal needs. I could not have completed this process by myself and would 100% recommend Restless World to anyone planning to travel. Jacqueline specifically has been so wonderful to work with and has a unique ability to make everything completely stress-free and assist you to the highest standard.

Excellent service

We had quite a complicated visa application and very little time to sort it out. Jacqueline's service was superb and made the process as stress free as it could be. Thanks again Jacqueline for everything

Lily Walker
Super good

Thanks so much!

Excellent Service!

Jacqui and the team were fantastic from start to finish with assisting me with my RoA application. It was a very straightforward and easy process thanks to Restless World. I would highly recommend there services. Thank you for your guidance and support😊

Very helpful

The process was very quick and relatively simple. I am glad Restless World was able to guide me through the process with little stress!

Was your Mum or Dad born in the UK?  Do qualify for a British Passport, but don't have enough time before you travel? If so, you could be eligible for the Right of Abode! This is a certificate of entitlement to the Right of Abode, which allows you to live and work in the UK, free of any restrictions that is often associated with immigration and visas. The certificate is issued and placed in your passport and will only expire when your passport does. However, the Certificate of Entitlement to the Right of Abode isn’t just handed out to anyone so be sure to check out our eligibility criteria below.

You could be checking out where your parents were born and visiting their old stomping grounds in no time. Let us help you find out if you are eligible!

Why Use Our UK Right of Abode service?

The Right of Abode is quite a complicated application. So, for just $429, let Restless World take the stress away! We will ensure your application is 100% correct and complete before submission. Plus, with Restless World’s NO VISA = NO FEE GUARANTEE*, using us for your visa application is completely risk free**.

This is what we'll do:

  • Complete and lodge the official UK Certificate of Entitlement to the Right of Abode application on your behalf
  • Create a personalised supporting documents checklist tailored to your specific circumstances
  • You will have direct contact with our team of Experts for advice and support throughout the entire process - whenever you need it
  • If there are delays, we can follow up on your application directly with our contacts at the UKVI office
  • FREE UK SIM card on the 02 Network
  • FREE international money transfers
  • FREE UK bank account AND National Insurance Number assistance!

Simply put, we will complete the while UK Right of Abode application for you!

    ⇢ Are You Eligible?

    In order to qualify for the Certificate of Entitlement to the Right of Abode, you must meet the following criteria;

    • One of your parents MUST be born in the United Kingdom.

    Should you not meet the above criteria, please see other forms of eligibility for the Right of Abode visa:

    • You were adopted in the UK;
    • You are or were married to someone with ROA before 01/01/1983;
    • You were a Commonwealth citizen with ROA on 31/12/1982;
    • You never ceased to be a Commonwealth citizen (even temporarily) at any point after 31/12/1982.

    So, are you made of the right stuff? Do you tick the appropriate boxes? If so, your dream of living in the British Isles could be close enough to touch! It’s just a matter of applying for Right of Abode, and that’s where we at Restless World come in.

    ⇢ How much does it cost?

    The current cost for the UK Right of Abode is £550GBP.

    *Fees correct as of April 2024 & subject to change without notice. The visa price above is independent of our Restless World Visa Service fee and does not include the Immigration Health Surcharge, applicable fees, or Biometric Appointment fees payable at a processing centre in Australia. These are all British High Commission fees that you pay to obtain your UK visa.

    **Please note that the UKVI charges in local currency, not GBP (even though they advertise visa prices in GBP!). As such, final pricing will fluctuate, and will not be exactly as indicated on the UKVI website. We will always endeavour to provide you with the most accurate quote in your local currency before we complete your application, but Restless World cannot be held responsible for UKVI price changes or discrepancies.

    ⇢ Mandatory Biometric Appointment

    As part of the application process, UK ROA applicants are required to participate in a mandatory biometric appointment which involves having your fingerprints and a photo taken at a visa application centre, or a Biometric Enrolment centre. This is a standard part of the process. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit! Please note that at some locations in Australia and Canada you will be required to pay an additional surcharge for your biometric appointment. We will discuss these fees with you in advance of your appointment, based on your appointment location in your home country.

    ⇢ A Word of Warning

    If you make one small (very) common mistake on your visa application or unknowingly fail to provide the correct supporting documentation, your application will be refused, and UKVI will not refund your visa fee. Restless World’s experienced staff have an in-depth knowledge of UK visa categories as well as processes and will ensure that your application is a successful one.


    *All NV/NF refunds are assessed on a case by case basis. Visas rejected based on past criminal records, traffic offences, previous refusals, any undisclosed information or historical immigration discrepancies relevant to your application are not eligible for a refund from Restless World. We reserve the right to waive the NV/NF guarantee should your circumstances warrant it, but this will be agreed in writing before progressing with your application. All applicants with a criminal conviction and/or traffic offences are not entitled to the NV/NF guarantee.

    **All applicants are required to disclose any/all past criminal and/or serious traffic related offences and previous visa refusals for any country. Failure to disclose this information could lead to your application being rejected by the UK Visas and Immigration and could lead to a subsequent 10-year ban. Restless World cannot be held responsible for rejections or bans imposed by the UK Visas and Immigration on account of undisclosed information. If your visa application is rejected or denied based on a mistake made by Restless World staff, your original service fee will be refunded in full, and Restless World will pay for the cost of your re-application. Visa re-application is only applicable if we deem your application to be valid upon the correction of the original mistake made. In the event of an approved NV/NF re-application, we can only re-apply for the same visa as the original denied application (you cannot switch visa categories).

    ***The following visa services are exempt from the NV/NF guarantee: UK Visit Visa, UK Charity Visa, Registration for British Nationality, UK EEA Family Permit.