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From questions about our services, to each individual visa process - this is your one stop resource for essential information source for all things UK Visa related.

General FAQ

What happens after I purchase a service from Restless World?

Once you have purchased our services you will receive a confirmation email to let you know that we have received your order. If you have ordered our services during office hours, we will aim fulfill your order that day. If you order outside of our office hours, you will hear from us on the next business day. First, you will receive an automatic confirmation email outlining the next steps. Next, you will receive our 'Welcome Email' that includes the forms and documents we require to get the process started. One of our lovely staff members will also give a courtesy call to make sure that you have received our documents and a welcome email.

Can I still apply for a UK Visa if I have a criminal conviction?

Yes, you can still apply for a UK Working Visa if you have a criminal conviction. However, you can only apply 12 months after your conviction date. If you have been to jail, please do not apply, as depending on the sentence you may need to wait 10 years, and this may take you over the age limit for a YMS, for example. If you have multiple convictions an Entry Clearance Officer will consider your case and determine if you should be approved. Restless World are no stranger to criminal conviction cases and when you sign up with us we will give you the right advice and can advise about which documents are needed for your application.

What if I have a traffic offense(s) on record?

If you have a speeding fine but you did not go to court and were not arrested for speeding (and you paid the speeding fine in full), then you will be fine. But if you have a suspension or disqualification, this will need to be disclosed. We can help determine which traffic offences are applicable to your case and the documents needed for your application.

I don’t have an address yet for where I will stay in the UK, what do I do?

This depends on the UK working visa you are applying for. If it’s for a Youth Mobility Visa, you don’t need to have booked accommodation, but you do need to know where you will be once you arrive in the UK. This is where we come in and help! Once we understand your circumstances and the area you are most likely to be as soon as you arrive we will know what to put on your application form. If it is for a UK Ancestry Visa, then accommodation will be important (whether you are staying with family/friends, a hotel/airbnb, or renting). We can discuss your options and ensure that we have the correct information for your visa application.

I bank with an online bank and don’t know how to get my proof of funds?

This is not a problem. Most online banking institutions have a very good customer service department and they should be able to issue you with a bank statement that can be emailed to you.

I don’t have work arranged in the UK yet, is that a problem?

No, but you do need to know what you could do for employment when you arrive. Are you planning to work in a pub? Office administration? Construction? It's best to get clear on your employment options before you arrive in the UK - and if you need advise here, we can help with that too! 

Can I book my flights to the UK before my visa is approved?

You can, but we highly recommend that you wait until you have your passport in your hands with an approved visa.

I have a visa for the UK, can I book a one way flight?

Yes, as you have been granted permission to enter the UK and live and work there, you can purchase a one way flight.

What is a vignette?

The vignette is the sticker that is inside your passport and it will say ‘30 day Entry Clearance’ at the top with your photo on the left hand side and information on the visa you applied for. The vignette allows you to arrive in the UK and enter the country. You then need to ensure that you pick up your BRP Card within 10 days of your arrival.

What is a BRP Card?

A BRP Card - called Biometric Residence Card - is your actual visa. Not the sticker that is inside your passport. The BRP Card is what you collect from a Post Office allocated to you in the UK. Once you have this in your hands you show this to your employer and upon arrival when you enter back into the UK after a holiday

My passport will expire while I’m in the UK. Will this affect my visa?

No, but it could affect your travel plans. You must make sure that your passport is valid for 6 months or more when you go to visit any other country. You may not be allowed to board the flight with a passport that is valid under 6 months. So make sure you check this carefully!

What is the IHS fee and why is it so expensive?

The IHS fee is the Immigration Health Surcharge, and you pay a particular fee for the amount of time that your visa is valid for. If your visa is for 2 years, then you pay for 2 years even if you are not staying for the whole 2 years. The IHS covers you for particular medical expenses during your time in the UK (for more info, read here:

To find out the calculation of your IHS fee, see this link:

I’m only going to the UK for one year, do I get a refund for my remaining IHS fee?

No, you must pay the IHS for the full term of your visa’s validity regardless if you only stayed for 6 months.

I only want to work and live in the UK for 1 year, do I need a visa? Yes, if you wish to stay in the UK to live and work for 6 months or longer you must apply for a UK working visa.

What happens at the biometrics appointment?

When you arrive at a biometrics appointment, you should firstly be greeted by a security guard. The security guard will check your appointment slip to make sure you arrived on the right day and scheduled time slot! You will then take a seat ready to be seen by a Biometrics Officer. The Biometrics Officer will scan every page of your current passport and it will remain with the Visa Application Center (VAC) until a decision has been made by an Entry Clearance Officer based in the UK. The Biometrics Officer will take you into a room where your fingerprints will be taken and a photograph of your head and shoulders. There is no interrogation or interview, they are there to upload documents (if needed) to the UKVI and do your fingerprints and photo. You will then play the waiting game until your passport is ready for collection or it is couriered out to you.

What happens after I attend my biometrics appointment?

After your appointment at the Visa Application Centre, your passport will be taken from you and your uploaded documents are sent to an Entry Clearance Officer in Sheffield, UK. This is when the waiting game begins. It can take up to 15 business days for a decision to be made about your visa application. You will receive an email and/or text from the Visa Application Centre advising that your application has been processed and your passport can be collected or couriered (depending on what you advised at your biometrics appointment). Once you have your passport in your hands, that is when you will know the decision - an approval (yeah!) or refusal (boo!).

I haven’t received my passport back or any correspondence from the UKVI?

This does happen and there can be a few different reasons for this. If you have not received your passport back by 15-20 business days (do not count the weekends) then it is worth chasing it up. Here are a couple of things to do first... One, if you opted for a courier service, your passport might be with your local post office, you should check in with them to see if it is there. If your passport is not there or you opted to pick it up, you will need to contact the UKVI directly ( This will cost a little bit of money, but if you are a client of Restless World, we will do this for you -- plus we have contacts of our own that can speed up this process!

How long does the visa process take?

Normal processing times with the UKVI take around 15-20 business days. However, some months a decision is made before the 15 day mark. We recommend that you calculate 15 business days and do not count the weekends. If you need a decision faster, the UKVI do a priority service (for extra money of course) and you can receive a decision between 5-7 days.

How do I fast-track my application?

The UKVI has a priority service, costs around £230GBP. This means the UKVI put your application ahead of the queue and they normally process a visa between 5-7 business days.

I’m unable to arrive in the UK during my entry vignette 30 day clearance, what do I do?

If you were unable to arrive in the UK during the dates allocated on your vignette sticker inside your passport, you will need to apply for a vignette transfer. A vignette transfer allows you to travel at a later date to enter the UK and you will be given a new vignette sticker showing a new 30 day entry clearance - BUT BE WARNED - your visa expiry date will not change, it will remain at the same!

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