I want to cancel my UK Work Visa (in light of COVID-19)

Last updated 1st April 2020

If you have an approved visa, have not yet entered the UK, and are looking to cancel your visa and request a refund from the UKVI, you will want to read the information below!

There are no current updates, announcements or guidance from the UKVI for anyone who wishes to cancel their approved visa and obtain a refund.

The UKVI's standard guidance on this issue still remains the same. If you wish to cancel your visa you can do so, but you forfeit your visa fees and may not be allowed to apply for another Youth Mobility Visa in the future (as you are only eligible for this visa once in your lifetime).

If you do contact the UKVI and request your visa to be cancelled at this time, your application fees may not be refunded. If you choose to cancel your visa, and reapply at a later date, your are doing so at your own risk.

Our best advice right now is to hold tight, and await further guidance from the UKVI on the status of current visas/vignettes.

Keep checking this blog regularly as we will keep it updated. There should be some kind of announcement from the UKVI regarding refunding fees due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, but there is no official or confirmed guidance that a full refund will be issued at this stage. Please, be patient and don't take any action at this time regarding your approved visa. We want you to stay safe, stay well, look after your families, and take care at this time!

For additional information and FAQs on COVID-19 and it's impact on your UK travel plans, visit: https://www.restlessworld.com.au/pages/covid-19-information