I have a 90-day entry clearance, but still can't arrive in the UK due to COVID-19!

I have a 90-day entry clearance, but still can't arrive in the UK due to COVID-19!

During the crazy year that has been 2020, you may have applied for a UK work visa and received the 90 day entry clearance vignette instead of the normal 30 day entry clearance vignette (this is the sticker inside your passport that allows you to enter the UK during a certain time period).

If, due to COVID-19, you still were not able to enter the UK during the validity of your entry clearance vignette and it has now expired (or is about to expire), what are your options?

At this stage - there is only one option left! You need to apply for a vignette transfer and pay the appropriate fees.

Obtaining a new vignette sticker does not extend your visa validity and the expiry date of your visa will remain the same. Obtaining a new entry clearance will allow you to enter the UK so that you can pick up your BRP Card, start working, and get your UK adventure started.

If you apply for a replacement vignette after the 31st December 2020 - or if you were initially issued with a 90-day vignette - you will need to apply for a replacement by completing this online form. The cost of replacing an expired 90-day vignette is £154GBP, and you will also be required make an appointment to resubmit your biometric information. For additional guidance, you can visit the UK.GOV link here.

For more information about a Vignette Transfer in general, check out our blog post on the subject!

And as always, if you need a little extra help, we're here to complete your vignette transfer application and book the biometrics appointment for you. In addition to your vignette transfer service, you will also have access to our knowledge and our contacts to ensure that you are always informed on any new updates and/or changes!