How do I apply for a UK Vignette Transfer?

How do I apply for a UK Vignette Transfer?

Here is everything you need to know about a Vignette Transfer!

So, you couldn't arrive into the UK during your 30 day clearance due to unforeseen circumstances and now you are not sure what to do?

What will happen with the entry vignette (30-day entry clearance) and your UK visa once the entry vignette has expired?

Rest assured that your visa is not going to be cancelled, and that you are not the only person who had faced this dilemma before. Here are Restless World we know exactly what to do and how to help when you need a new arrival date into the UK. 

When an entry vignette expires, the visa holder is eligible to apply for a Vignette Transfer to receive a new entry vignette, and therefore a new 30-day window to enter into the UK. Please remember however that the visa end date will remain the same as stated in the original visa approval letter. The new and old vignette is merely a 'pass' to enter into the UK for a period of 30 days, when you then collect the actual visa - which is called a BRP card. BRP stands for British Residence Permit and this card looks similar to a driver's license.

What is involved with a vignette transfer?

  • You need to apply for a new vignette sticker with a new entry date into the UK
  • The cost for the application is £154GBP
  • You will need to attend another Biometric Appointment in your country of residence
  • You may not be allowed to apply for the vignette transfer in another country if you do not hold a valid visa for that country, basically you to legally be allowed in that country
  • Once again, your passport will be sent away for processing at the Biometric Appointment
  • Processing a vignette transfer can take between 15-20 business days (or you can opt for priority service with the UKVI at an extra cost, and the vignette should be processed between 5-10 business days)
  • You can only apply for a vignette transfer if your travel date is inside 3 months from the application date
  • The expiry date of your visa will NOT change

If you require assistance, we can lodge the Vignette Transfer for you, once you know your new arrival date into the UK. Until then, nothing needs to be done and your visa is not going to expire.