The UK Working Holiday Visa (aka: the Youth Mobility Scheme)!

The UK Working Holiday Visa (aka: the Youth Mobility Scheme)!
The Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa, also known as the UK working holiday visa, will change the way you show your proof of funds and has increased the amount.
For the last few years, you only needed to show £1890 (approximately AUD$3500) in your bank account but very soon it will increase to £2530.
This recent change to the UK immigration rules will come into effect on the 1st December 2020. This is a major change for any person intending to apply for a Youth Mobility Visa from the 1st December 2020 onwards. Please note that these rules are significantly different from the current maintenance requirements and will mean a longer preparation time for UK Youth Mobility Applicants. Also, the new guidance shows how strict UK Visas and Immigration will become regarding these visa applications moving forward. They have been pretty lenient this year, but will change as of 1st December 2020. There will be more to organise and plan for anyone trying to receive an approved visa.
Maintenance requirements in place until 30th November 2020:  This is still the same, an applicant needs to show they have funds of £1890. 
Maintenance requirements from the 1st December 2020:  An applicant needs to show they have had funds of £2530 ($4700) in their account for 28 consecutive days.
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