The 5 Best British Pubs in London

The 5 Best British Pubs in London

Let's first acknowledge the obvious. This is an impossible list to write, as the five best bars in any city in the world will depend on the person visiting them. BUT, whether you are adventuring through London on your Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa, settling into working life on a UK Settlement Visa (UK Spousal Visa), or just passing through as a tourist - we're sure you're going to LOVE these 5 bars in London - selected in no particular order by our Restless World team!

1 • Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (London)

Why not start with one of the best, yeah? Ye Old Cheshire Cheese is a Grade II listed public house located at 145 Fleet Street in London. Rebuilt shortly after the Great Fire of 1666, the pub is known for its literary associations, said to be the regular watering hole of Charles Dickens, G.K. Chesterton, and Mark Twain. Pubs in London don't get much more historic than this one, so if you're on a working holiday in the UK, don't miss this one (the 2 year validity on your Youth Mobility Visa will fly by real fast)!

2 • Pitcher & Piano (Richmond)

Technically in Richmond (just west of London), this is a one-of-a-kind pub perched right on the banks of the River Thames in one of the most well-to-do areas of the city. Whether you're stopping by for a bite to eat, a business lunch, or jumping in for after work drinks - the P&P has everything you need. Located at 11 Bridge Street, Richmond-Upon-Thames.

3 • Argyll Arms (Soho)

Slammin' busy almost any time you walk through the doors of 18 Argyll Street (Soho), The Argyll Arms is a hard pub to beat, if only for it's energetic atmosphere. This pub was built in 1868, and sits conveniently located a short stroll from Oxford Circus Station and Oxford Street. Praised for their selection of ales and their generous measure of British hospitality, this is a pub not to miss.

4 • Black Lion (Hammersmith)

Imagine it... You are 6 months into your 2 year UK working holiday, buzzing along on your Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa. You've made good friends at work, and the whole crew is looking to wind down after a long week. The ideal spot is on the river, with a big, lively pub garden where you can enjoy a Pimm's into the late evening. The Black Lion in Hammersmith is your go-to. Perched on the river between Hammersmith and Chiswick - history abounds this amazing pub (ghost stories, made famous in literature, and the location of a world famous skittle alley). Find it at 2 South Black Lion Lane, W6 9TJ.

5 • Coach & Horses (Soho)

Looking for an old-school and unpretentious London gem? Look no further than 29 Greek Street. Grab yourself a pint of Fuller's, throw back a few pickled eggs, or join in for the bi-weekly piano singalong. A night at Coach & Horses in Soho won't steer you wrong!

This is is by no means exhaustive. In fact, we're not even sure you could visit every pub in London, even if you drank at a pub every day on the full duration of a 5 year UK Ancestry Visa! Jokes aside though, these are just a few of our favourites, but the truth is there is so much more in London to explore, and if you're thinking about your own adventure in the UK, be sure to let us know if we can help!