Everything you need to know about the UK Skilled Worker Visa!

skilled worker visa

The Skilled Worker Visa was formerly known as the Tier 2 General Sponsorship Visa. Now that the UK are officially in Brexit mode, foreign nationals who wish to live and work in the UK, including EU citizens, will need a UK Work Visa to enter the UK.

Are there new changes to the Skilled Worker Visa versus the old Tier 2 Visa? Yes, there are a couple of changes. If you need to provide proof of funds for the visa, the amount has now increased from £945 to £1270. However, before the change you had to prove that you held £945 in your account for 3 months, but now you only need show £1270 in your account for 28 days. The IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) has also increased from £400 per year of your visa to £624 per year. 

Only UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) accredited companies in the UK can sponsor an employee and you still need to have in your hands a Certificate of Sponsorship issued to you by the UK based company before you can even apply for the UK Visa.

You are also still allowed to bring with you family members. Like your unmarried partner, spouse and/or children. But you will need to provide that you have enough funds to support your dependent.

For more information on the new Skilled Worker Visa see our LINK. Restless World are here to help and to ensure that you receive that approved visa the first time!