Visa for UK refused - what do I do now?

So, you applied for a UK working visa, for example, a Youth Mobility Visa, Ancestry Visa, Settlement/Spouse Visa and you have in your hands a refusal letter issued by the UKVI Visa and Immigration department.

Firstly, don't panic. The reason could be simple and easily fixed.

For an Ancestry Visa, you were refused because you didn't supply a birth certificate but in your heart, you know that you took it to your Biometric Appointment. Sometimes the documents that are scanned don't always make it to an Entry Clearance Officer. If you did take it to your Biometric Appointment and you still have your checklist that you were given at this appointment and you can clearly see that birth certificate on your checklist. You can email the UKVI and advise that you did supply the birth certificate and you have evidence that you did with a checklist given to you at your Biometric Appointment. This will reverse the refusal to your approval and you are off to the UK.

However, most of the refusals are due to a mistake made on the application or failing to submit the right supporting documents and these issues, unfortunately, are when you lose your visa fee (as this is non-refundable) and you have to apply all over again, wasting more time, making sure you fix the mistake or get the right documents.

When this happens to you, it can be very distressing, frustrating and distort. Having to go to a Biometric appointment again, filling in the form again wondering if you are making a mistake or even trying to get that document right.

You will need assistance in this case and Restless World know exactly what to do with refusals and how you can obtain that well deserved UK Working Visa.

Contact us today! We are here to help and make the Visa process stress-free for you.