How do I obtain a UK Working Visa for a Gap Year in the UK?

How do I obtain a UK Working Visa for a Gap Year in the UK?

You are half way through your last year of school, its heads down and bum up in your studies as you're nearly finished and at the end of this school journey.

You have just been offered an experience of a life time!!!! A Gap Year in the UK!

But you need that all important Youth Mobility Visa, the UK Working Visa which will tie everything together. You can't turn up in the UK without it and you'll lose your spot in the Gap Year program if you fail to get it or even get it in time! Oh calamity!

The Youth Mobility Visa or even the Charity Visa is the single most important element of your Gap Year experience …..well, you're not going on a Gap Year without one! So even if you have your flight and bags packed, your adventure is will turn out to be one huge disaster!

Restless World has been completing visa's for Gap kids for over 6 years, we know all the problems that you will encounter if you try to do this yourself and I bet the program managers have even asked you to make sure you seek help and not to try and not do this on your own. Here are several ways were things can go wrong and turn your dream into one of nightmare:

1) You applied yourself and after a month of waiting received a refusal letter instead of an approval because you failed to answer the questions correctly on the application.

2) You didn't hand in the correct supporting documents and again a refusal letter!

3) You made one silly mistake on your application, like putting in the incorrect digit of your passport ….trust me it has happened and received a refusal letter.

4) You haven't heard anything from the UKVI about your passport or maybe you still haven't received it back after waiting 6 weeks. Your application went unnoticed and still hasn't been looked at yet. This has happened too, a young girl waited over 6 weeks for her passport only to find out that her application wasn't even being looked at by the UKVI. She missed her flight and her spot on the program as it took another 4 weeks to receive her passport back.

5) You received a refusal letter but in your heart you know you handed in that particular supporting document, imagine trying to sort that out by yourself.

6) The UKVI made a mistake with your entry date and put in April instead of January, what do you do? And yes, we have seen this happen on quite a few occasions. 

7) Your passport was posted out to you but you haven't received it and the Post Office don't have it either, again, what do you do?

All these possibilities will take precious time away from you and right now, you're engrossed in study, so why are you stressing yourself out even more wondering if you're going to get it right? 

Don't be the one left behind, when Restless World will do the entire visa process for you. Restless World do the official Youth Mobility Visa, check your supporting documents, even helping you plan and organise to ensure you have everything right. If something happens to your passport or your application Restless World can fix, chase, send messages and organise direct with the UKVI to make sure all is going ahead smoothly.

Just remember you NEED the Youth Mobility Visa in order for this dream to come true!