Australians & Kiwis in the UK... This is the MUST DO walking tour for you!

Australians & Kiwis in the UK... This is the MUST DO walking tour for you!

Heading to London on a UK working holiday or currently there on a gap year? Want to check out all the highlights of London at your own pace? Then this is the walking trail for you! Follow this to the ‘English Breakfast’ tee, and you will experience a London tour like no other.

To get through the day you will need to head out early and pack your bag with a picnic lunch, water, and a good camera (or just your phone). Don't forget to grab a hat and put on your walking shoes!

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First up - leave no later than 9am and jump on the tube to Charing Cross station. Once there, head for Trafalgar Square which officially opened in 1844 and was built to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar (which took place in 1805 during the Napoleonic Wars off the cost of Cape Trafalgar and where the Brits were victorious over France and Spain). Take a stroll around this historical square or admire the view as you sit on the edge of the stunning water fountain sipping a hot coffee. Before you leave, make sure to get your pic with one of the four famous Lion statues guarding Nelson’s Column.

From here, look for the ‘The Mall' road which is a short but important road connecting Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace. As you stroll along, you will come across the ‘Admiralty Arch' which was commissioned by King Edward VII in memory of his mother Queen Victoria. It is an amazing architectural structure and worth stopping to fully take in its stunning detail.

Walk under the arch and continue along 'The Mall' road where you will eventually come across St James's Park. Take the first entrance into the park near the café and be ready to enter a hidden world of nature! The gardens are beautifully maintained with a few royal sculptures including a hedged crown and plenty of shady trees to picnic under. But beware, you may find a cheeky squirrel or two wanting to share your food! There is also an abundance of bird life to spot and a picturesque lake where you can capture a great shot of not just the lake but also the London Eye in the background. 

Continue meandering your way through the gardens heading towards Buckingham Palace. If you time it right, you should get to the Palace early enough to see the famous changing of the guards which is an experience like no other. Be sure to show off your royal wave and get a picture in front of the Palace gates!

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Once you have taken your royal leave, head to ‘Birdcage Walk’ Road named after the Royal Menagerie and Aviary which resided there in the reign of King James I and King Charles II.  Along this road you will come across ‘The Guards Museum’ which is worth a peek inside. From here, take a left onto Horse Guards Road and get ready to explore ‘The Churchill War Rooms’. This exhibition takes you on an amazing journey back through time to WWII where you will truly feel like you were there. It is both amazing and heart wrenching, but is a must do on this walking tour to completely be immersed in the English culture and history. 

As you return to the 21st century make your way back to Birdcage Walk Road and head towards Big Ben which is the nickname for the Great Bell of the striking clock. Once there make sure you grab a pic of the iconic Big Ben clock tower and if your feet aren’t too tired, we highly recommend that you join the queue and take a tour of Westminster Abbey. The sheer history of this Church will astound you - let alone the stunning sculptures, art, and historical architecture. 

As you leave the Abbey make your way towards the River Thames and take a leisurely walk across Westminster Bridge. Be sure to stop and grab a selfie of Big Ben as you head over, and snap another picturesque shot of the London Eye from afar. 

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At the end of the bridge you will find yourself in the Waterloo area, where, if you are up to it, you can go for a ride on the London Eye and rest your weary feet. Or - simply keep those feet walking and check out the great street entertainment, food, and cafés that line the streets.

This is the end of your London walking tour! So put up your feet, grab yourself a pint, and enjoy flicking back through all your happy snaps of a great day out! Our ‘favourite pub’ recommendations for the best pints are… The Fire Station Pub, The Archduke Pub and The Duke of Sussex Pub. Take your pick or go on a pub crawl and visit all three! 


Aren’t currently living in London but want to experience a UK working holiday (and of course this walking trail!)? Not sure how to get your working visa for the UK sorted? Restless World are here to help! Contact one of our UK experts today for your free quote!