Applying for the UK Youth Mobility Visa with a Criminal Conviction - Do's & Don'ts

You are looking for a sea change and want to head over to the UK on a working holiday visa. You hold an Australian New Zealand passport. You are under the age of 31 and you have no dependent children as well as enough savings in the bank to tick all the boxes for the Tier 5 UK Youth Mobility visa. 

However, there is one little hurdle. You have a criminal record! Now you want to know if you can still apply for the YMS visa? 

There is no straight forward yes or no answer to this question as it depends on what the offense was, how long ago and whether the sentence is spent. If you do have a criminal record, we urge to contact us for so we can lodge the visa on your behalf with all correct supporting documents to give you the best chance for your visa approval.

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