UK Travel Deals

So you’ve got your visa sorted and you’re heading overseas – congratulations! You’ve got the experience of a lifetime ahead of you. Now it’s just a matter of organising the actual travel.

Restless World has teamed up with Letz Travel – Australia’s leading travel agency specialising in working holidays and gap years – to offer exclusive discounts to our valued Restless World clients. By using Restless World, you’ll get access to stunning deals on a variety of travel arrangements, from flights and accommodation, to insurance and tours.


Letz Travel works with some of the world’s biggest and best airlines to offer exclusive deals to its customers. Letz Travel specialises in arranging the travel of students, teachers and under 30s, offering travel opportunities that are as unique as they are affordable. And as a Restless World customer, you’re in line for an even greater discount!

Are you thinking about squeezing in a little bit of a European holiday before you start your new life? Talk to Letz Travel about organising a stopover in Paris, or discuss the option of teeing up a Topdeck, Contiki, or Busabout tour. They’ll be more than happy to organise whatever flights you need to get the job done!

Travel Insurance

Your mum was right; it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. No matter how well-planned your travel is, things can go wrong. And if they go wrong in a particularly inconvenient way, your dream trip can turn into an absolute nightmare.

Travel insurance can end up saving you a bundle. But you needn’t take out a loan in order to pay for good coverage – Letz Travel has worked with some of the world’s leading travel insurance providers to ensure that its customers get access to the highest quality coverage at the very best price. While that snowboarding injury in the Swiss Alps might be painful on the body, at least it won’t be painful on the wallet!


Are you landing in Heathrow, and looking to find a great hotel or hostel to kick off your UK adventure? Letz Travel can use their expertise to find the perfect accommodation for you, to get your adventure started in the best way possible – whether that be surrounded by travellers in a buzzing hostel, or relaxing in the comfort of your own private space!


When you think of European tours, your mind probably jumps to either Topdeck, Contiki or Busabout. They’re the perfect way to experience all that Europe has to offer; you get to catch all of the must-see sights, and do so with a group of like-minded people that are sure to become lifelong friends. And how’s your luck – Letz Travel works with each of those companies to offer stunning tours of the continent!

Whether you’re looking for the fast-paced action of Contiki, the comparatively relaxed mood of Topdeck, or the choose your own adventure style of a Busabout tour, with a huge variety of tour options, Letz Travel can make your European travel dreams a reality!

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