UK Settlement Visas: How can I meet the financial requirements?

UK Settlement Visas:  How can I meet the financial requirements?

The UK Family Visa -- also known as the UK Settlement Visa -- is one of the most daunting UK visas to apply for. Applying for a UK Settlement Visa is a complex and expensive process. The guidance is extensive and the supporting documentation required for an application is substantial and needs to meet specified parameters.

The most daunting part of this process is meeting the financial requirements. There are several ways to meet the financial requirements. Which is the best way forward for you, will depend on your individual circumstances.

Where do you currently live?

Do you and your partner live together at the moment?

Does your sponsor work?

Do you have savings?

The amount your sponsor needs to earn, or the amount you both have in cash savings is determined by how many dependents need to apply for the settlement visa. The more dependents, the higher the threshold you need to meet.

The most common ways to meet the financial requirements are:

  • Cash savings
  • Employment in the UK (if you or your sponsor already living in the UK)
  • Your sponsor’s employment in your country of normal residence and job offers in the UK
  • Self-employment
  • Non employment income, such as earnings from shares, rental income etc
  • Pension

Please note that certain categories of settlement visa – e.g joining a child – are subject to less stringent financial requirements.

Once we have determined the most appropriate way to meet the financial requirements, we can then stipulate the document requirements.

If you have questions on how you might meet the financial requirements, please contact Restless World for a free 15 minute assessment!