UK Immigration and EVisas

UK Immigration and EVisas

UK Immigration and EVisas

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) are introducing a digital immigration system. This means they are replacing physical documents with an online record of your immigration status. This is known as an eVisa. By the end of December 2024, most categories of visas will be switched into the eVisa.   

It is therefore vital that you keep track of this process, so you are not caught out.  This is particularly important if you are travelling outside of the UK in Dec 24/Jan 25 and intend to return after your BRP/BRC expires on the 31 December 2024. 

The documents being replaced are:

What do I need to do? 

When the time comes, you will be asked to create a UKVI account to be able to access your eVisa.

This will allow you to access your eVisa and share information about your immigration status and conditions, such as your right to work or rent in the UK, using the view and prove service.  This will also prove your status as you travel through immigration control. There is no additional cost to create this account.

In the future you’ll be able to use an eVisa to travel to the UK – you will not need to carry a physical document, except for your current passport.  Your current valid passport will have to be registered to your UKVI account. Until the end of 2024 you will need to continue to carry your physical document (BRP, BRC, vignette in your passport) when you travel. 

Your eVisa will be linked to your passport in your UKVI account. You must keep your passport or ID card details up to date in your UKVI account and advise them of  any changes, so that your immigration status can be easily identified at the UK border. You’ll still need to carry your current passport with you. 

If you are still waiting for confirmation that your UKVI account has been updated, you should also carry your old document with you, if possible, to avoid unnecessary delays at the border. 

If you have a biometric residence permit 

If you have a biometric residence permit (BRP) that expires on 31 December 2024, they will tell you how to create a UKVI account and access your eVisa before the expiry date of your BRP. 

If you have already been contacted to create an account, either by email or in a decision letter, you can now follow the instructions you were sent to create a UKVI account. 

If you have not yet been contacted about creating an account, you’ll be able to create your account and access your eVisa later in 2024. 

Testing is ongoing and system has already been activated for some categories.  However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be teething problems as everyone else registers onto the system.  Once you are registered, it will be really important to confirm your details and validity are correct. The best way to do this is to confirm your validity dates using the letter you received when you received your visa. We will keep you updated as we find out more. But your best bet is to sign up for the GOV.UK updates on this matter. 

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