The best time of year to travel to the UK on your UK Work Visa

The best time of year to travel to the UK on your UK Work Visa

Deciding to obtain your UK Work Visa , pack your bags and make the move to the UK is the easy part. Now, you need to decide when to arrive! What’s the best time of year to travel to the UK? When is it easiest to find a job? Let us help you with that!


Though the weather does turn rather glum – think cold nights and grey skies – the UK is absolutely beautiful through the winter months, and especially so at Christmas time. In many UK towns and villages, the local pub is the coziest place around – with a roaring fire to keep guests toasty on the outside, and hot apple cider to keep you warm on the inside. For all these reasons and more, the winter months truly do provide an ideal time for you to start your UK working holiday!

Job Market Report: Believe it or not, UK pubs are incredible busy over the Christmas and New Year period. As such, our pubs are always on the hunt for extra staff to muscle through the busy holiday season. This makes November and December both ideal months to land in the UK and kick-start your pub job adventure!


The next ideal window for UK arrival is during the lead up to summer. Once the winter fog has burned off, and the sun starts shining through, you’ll see the UK transform before your eyes. It doesn’t take much heat for Brits to shed the layers and throw on their sunnies, so be ready for those pub patios to start opening as soon as the frost melts!

Summer is also a wonderful time to hit up a Top Deck tour or a Contiki before you start your working holiday in the UK! Just think… you take off from home early in May, spend 2-3 weeks in the Med soaking up sun, and then drop yourself into life in the UK for the start of June to get trained up at your new pub so you’re ready for the busy summer months serving up Pims in the garden!

Job Market Report: The summer months provide the next big hiring push for pubs in the UK. Business does slow down from January through March, but once the sun comes out, pubs will begin to hire and train lots of new staff for the busy summer period.


Perhaps the most popular time of year for working holiday makers to arrive in the UK, autumn in England has a lot to offer! The amazing green spaces will begin to transform, UK fall fashion is in full swing, and the holiday season is just around the corner.

Job Market Report: As many of the young people in the UK head back to school following their summer break, lots of vacancies will open up at our many pubs across the UK. As such, pubs will be on the look out for new staff to fill the gaps from the start of September.