Pick up a BRP Card from a different UK Post Office

Pick up a BRP Card from a different UK Post Office
Here are a couple of scenarios where you might need to arrange to pick up your BRP Card from a different UK Post Office:
1) You thought you were going to arrive in London but instead decided to go straight to Scotland (or a different area inside the United Kingdom, this includes Northern Ireland)
2) You put the wrong post code on your application form and didn't realise until you received your UKVI letter advising you where to pick up your BRP Card (just so you know, you can't change the UK Post Office once its been allocated to you).
3) You arrived in London but didn't have time to pick up your BRP Card and you are now heading out to a different location inside the UK
Do not despair, you can arrange to have your BRP Card directed to a new UK Post Office nearer to where you'll be based in the UK. You will have to pay a small fee of £21.90 to have your BRP card redirected. 
BUT BEWARE...You should not leave the UK on any circumstances until you have your BRP Card in your hands!!!!!!!!!!

You can find the closest post office to where you'll be based using this LINK.
You need to put in the UK Post Code and underneath that is a drop down menu for branch services, make sure to tick the BRP card collection service box when you search so that you're only shown post offices near you offering this service!
Here are some instructions if you'd like to have your BRP card redirected:
  • Go into the post office branch where you want to arrange collection of the BRP (if you're picking another post office, make sure they offer the BRP collection service!)
  • You must take your decision letter (the letter you received from UKVI when your passport was returned to you) and your passport whish contains the entry clearance sticker inside the passport
  • The post office staff will check the details and arrange for the BRP Card to be transferred to their post office branch
  • You will pay £21.90 at the post office for each BRP Card to be collected
  • The BRP should be available to collect from the new post office branch in 10 working days’ time, so don't go anywhere!
  • You will then return to the post office branch to collect the BRP Card. Make sure you take your passport with you again for collection as they need to see photo ID.