Limited Australian Visa Application Center Days

uk work visa

You want to apply for a UK work visa, but need to plan when you can go to the all important biometrics appointment.  For those who are in Australia, you will need to be fully prepared and organised if you want your passport returned to you before you leave for the UK. The Hobart Office is only open once every 2 months, if you miss out on getting into that appointment, you will need to wait another 2 months or try a different option and fly to Sydney or Melbourne for the appointment. BUT BE AWARE, if you have already selected Hobart as your biometric office when you submitted your application, it will be difficult to schedule an appointment elsewhere and you will need to try and contact VFS Global and see if they can change location for you. Adelaide is only open once a month. AND there is currently no priority service either!!!

Below are days that the Visa Application Centers (VAC) are open:

Brisbane - Monday and Wednesday only

Perth - Tuesday only

Canberra - Monday only

Sydney - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday only 

Melbourne - Monday and Wednesday only

Adelaide - open first Monday every of every month 

Hobart - open last Friday of every second month - (the following dates that they are open 28th May 2021 and 30th July 2021, you will then need to wait until September 2021)

If you need help planning the daunting process of obtaining a UK work visa, please contact Restless World, your UK Visa experts!