Common mistakes on a UK Settlement Visa / UK Family Visa

Common mistakes on a UK Settlement Visa / UK Family Visa

The UK Family Visa, also known as the UK Settlement Visa, is one of the most daunting UK visas to apply for. Applying for a UK Settlement Visa is a complex and expensive process. The guidance is extensive and the supporting documentation required for an application is substantial and needs to meet specified parameters. Errors or omissions in your application will result in delays or even a refusal. It therefore makes sense to get it right first time. Below is a list of the most common mistakes on a UK Family Visa / UK Settlement Visa.

1) Mistakes on the application form

If you miss or misunderstand a question on your application form, this can sometimes lead to swift rejections. Simple mistakes are more common than you'd think!

2) Financial Documents

Your specific financial documentation needs will depend on the category you are applying for. If your sponsor is self-employed in the UK then their financial documents are going to be very different to someone who is applying by funds held. For self-employed sponsors, you will require your accountant to assist you with this.

3) Job offer in the UK

Not providing the correct employment documents is a common reason for refusal. This can range from Job Contract, offer letter or is the Company you are being employed for registered?

4) Proving your relationship

Are you married? Not married? In most cases, either the incorrect documents or not enough documents has been provided and a decision on your case can not be made due to lack of information.

We recommend that you seek advice from a migration specialist to ensure the best application is made for you. At Restless World, we can and will ensure the forms are all completed correctly, and that the documentation you submit is tailored to your individual circumstances and meets the requirements of the Immigration Rules!