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Welcome to Restless World

Here at Restless World, we understand that organising your travel needs can be daunting - particularly if you are planning to live and work in another country (we've been there too!). Before you begin to plan your overseas experience, please drop us a line.

Restless World specialise in assisting Australian, Canadian New Zealand residents with all the requirements of living and working abroad in the UK. Our service is quick, easy, affordable and more importantly, reliable. We can assist you in completing all types of UK Working Holiday Visas and take away all the normal stresses of visa processing. All visas are started promptly after you decide to proceed and will be completed as quickly as possible. 

Restless World employs a number of visa specialists including staff based in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We offer a truly global service with a refreshingly personal touch. We are trusted and have formed a closed working relationship with various UK Immigration departments to ensure any visa problems you may face can be resolved quickly. 

Whether you are journeying abroad on for a UK Gap year, a UK working holiday, travelling to the UK for sponsored work, or looking for permanent UK settlement, Restless World can assist you with all your visa needs. Restless World are proud to provide the fastest turnaround periods for both UK Youth Mobility and UK Ancestry Visas.

We are your constant companion both at home and abroad and we look forward to assisting you wherever we can for the adventure of a lifetime!



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