UK Business Visa / Start-up Visa Assessment
UK Business Visa / Start-up Visa Assessment
UK Business Visa / Start-up Visa Assessment
UK Business Visa / Start-up Visa Assessment

UK Business Visa / Start-up Visa Assessment

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UK Business Visa / UK Start-up Visa

Are you looking at investing or starting up your own business in the UK? Look no further! Ian Westwood from The Westwood Organisation can help! There are 5 different types of business visas available for the UK (previously known as Tier 1 visas):

  • UK Investor Visa
  • UK Start Up Visa
  • UK Innovator Visa
  • UK Global Talent Visa
  • Sole Representative Visa 
⇢ Why Use TWO & RW?

In partnership with Restless World, The Westwood Organisation will conduct a full review of your visa category options, will advise the right one for you, and will let you know what you need in order to start the application. All of their advisers are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

We can provide the following:

  • Review your initial assessment to ensure you qualify for a UK Visa 
  • Provide advice on what needs to be put in place before you apply
  • Put you in touch with the relevant organisations in the UK to register your business / seek endorsement advice on the appropriate formal letters and documents needed
  • Provide guidance on the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) appointment, collection, and 30 day entry vignette
  • Plus, we'll answer any other questions you may have 
⇢ Are You Eligible For a UK Business Visa?


This visa is suitable for the first employee of a non UK company who is appointed to set up a UK branch of an overseas company. There is a requirement to set up a branch or wholly owned subsidiary. Only one of these visas is permitted per company; should there be a requirement for more staff to relocate, the expectation would be that the principal person obtains a sole representative visa, travels to the UK to set up and then establishes the business as a licensed sponsor with UKVI. This then enables subsequent staff to apply for visas. A sole representative can only work for the employing business.

UK Investor

This visa is for those wishing to invest in the UK. The minimum level of investment is £2m (sterling), and leads to permanent residency after 5 years. Higher investment may mean permanent residency can be achieved more quickly. The funds must belong to the visa applicant (or spouse / partner) and be held (or transferrable) in a UK regulated bank to then be used for the investment. Holders of this visa can work in any capacity (except as a professional sportsperson or coach), for the duration of their visa.

UK Start Up

This visa is available to those entrepreneurs with a good business idea that they want to bring to market in the UK. The idea needs endorsing by an authorised body, which could be a UK Higher Education Institution or a business organisation with a history of supporting UK entrepreneurs. There is a specific list of organisations – the appropriate one will depend upon your idea and industry sector. The business idea needs to be new (meaning you cannot join an established business), innovative and viable -with potential for growth (hence the need for ‘expert’ endorsement. There are also language and finance requirements. This visa is an “initial” visa and after 2 years the holder will need to switch to a different visa in order to stay. If the business has proved to be a success it should be possible to obtain a sponsor licence and use the Tier 2 route, or one of the other Tier 1 options. Holder’s of this visa can only work for their own business and cannot take employment elsewhere.

UK Innovator

This visa is for those wishing to set up and run a business in the UK. It is very similar to the start up category, with the added benefit that it can lead to permanent residency. For an initial application, the requirement is to have at least £50,000 in investment funds and be endorsed by a business organisation with a history of supporting UK entrepreneurs. The applicant is also subject to language and maintenance requirements. Holder’s of this visa can set up one, or more, businesses but can only work for their own business. Employment can be as an employee, a partner, director or self employed; however the visa holder cannot hold other employment.

UK Global Talent

This visa is for recognised, or emerging, world leaders in certain industries. It requires endorsement (as part of the application process) from one of these bodies:

  • The Royal Society for Science and Medicine
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering 
  • The British Academy (for humanities) 
  • Tech Nation (for digital technology)
  • UK Research and Innovation (for research applicants)
  • The Arts Council of England for Arts and Culture (but, if relevant, will ‘pass on’ the application to The British fashion Council; Royal Institute of British Architects; or the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television)
⇢ How Much Does it Cost?

The current cost for the below visas:


UK START UP – GBP £363 (out of country fee) / £493 (applying inside the UK or switching to this visa)

UK INNOVATOR – GBP £1021 (out of country fee) / £1277 (applying inside the UK or switching to this visa)



*Fees correct as of 25th February 2020 and subject to change without notice. The visa price above is independent of The Westwood Organisation Service fee and does not include the Immigration Health Surcharge, applicable fees, or Biometric Appointment fees payable at a processing centre in your home country. These are all UK Visa and Immigration fees that you pay to obtain your UK visa.

**Please note that the UKVI charges in local currency, not GBP (even though they advertise visa prices in GBP!). As such, final pricing will fluctuate, and will not be exactly as indicated on the UKVI website. The Westwood Organisation will endeavour to provide you with the most accurate quote in your local currency before we complete your application, but The Westwood Organisation cannot be held responsible for UKVI price changes or discrepancies.

⇢ Mandatory Biometric Appointment
As part of the application process, UK visa applicants are required to participate in a mandatory biometric appointment which involves having your fingerprints and a photo taken at a visa application centre, or a Biometric Enrolment centre. This is a standard part of the process. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit!

Please note that at some international locations you will be required to pay an additional surcharge for your biometric appointment. We will discuss these fees with you in advance of your appointment, based on your appointment location in your home country.
⇢ Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

Effective 4th November 2020 • £624 per year for the full duration of the visa. All nationalities will be provided with full access to the  British National Health Service (NHS) for the entire term of their visa. This will grant you full rights to the health services that everyday UK citizens get, including visits to the doctor and the hospital, and access to prescription medications at the same prices.

A health service surcharge is payable at the time of purchasing the UK visa. The cost of this surcharge (if any) will vary from applicant to applicant and will be advised once we have all of your application details. This fee will cover you for the entirety of your visa, whenever you may choose to use it.

When you arrive in the UK and receive your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card, just flash the card at appropriate NHS locations to gain access to one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

Read more about the IHS  |  Calculate your IHS
⇢ A Word of Warning

If you make one small (very) common mistake on your visa application or unknowingly fail to provide the correct supporting documentation, your application will be refused, and UKVI will not refund your visa fee. The Westwood Organisation's experienced staff have an in-depth knowledge of UK visa categories as well as processes and will ensure that your application is a successful one.

**All applicants are required to disclose any/all past criminal and/or serious traffic related offences and previous visa refusals for any country. Failure to disclose this information could lead to your application being rejected by UK Visas and Immigration and could lead to a subsequent 10-year ban. Restless World cannot be held responsible for rejections or bans imposed by UK Visas and Immigration on account of undisclosed information.