PRIORITY Visa Service Add-on

PRIORITY Visa Service Add-on

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Need to put your UK Visa application to the front of the queue? We can help make that happen!

We get it, sometimes life gets busy and things get down to the wire. Maybe your departure date snuck up on you, or maybe you have a trip to go on before your big move to the UK, and need to ensure you've got your passport back in hand earlier than expected. Either way, there is a solution here that will allow you to expedite your visa application with the UK Visas & Immigration.

⇢ What is the full summary of extra costs for Priority Service?

First, we bump you to the front of our queue. Then, we get UK Visas & Immigration to bump you to the front of theirs. So there are indeed some extra costs to consider here.

You pay a one-time Restless World fee of $49AUD for the Priority Service add-on.

In addition, you must pay the UKVI fee for priority service via their Australian based biometric processing partner, VFS Global. This fee is $405AUD. 

*Prices are dependent on the AUS»UK exchange rate, and can change/fluctuate without notice.

Please note that these fees are extra costs on top of your standard UK visa application costs and IHS surcharge.

    ⇢ How long does Priority Service take?

    When you select the Priority Service add-on, we will endeavour to start the application process for you within 48 hours, and complete within 2 days.

    From there, once your application is submitted to the UKVI and you have attended your mandatory biometrics appointment, the UKVI will aim to have you application fully processed within 7-10 business days (please allow 10-17 days if you are in New Zealand).

    Please note that the UKVI cannot and will not guarantee their 7-10 working day guideline. Sometimes, visa applications take longer to process, and the priority service add-on cannot be guaranteed.

      ⇢ Things To Know

      The cost of this service is in addition to your visa application fee and is non-refundable if the visa application is refused, or in exceptional cases, if it takes longer to process. Using the Priority Visa service does not guarantee that your application will be successful. All visa applicants must meet the requirements of the UK Immigration Rules.


        *All NV/NF refunds are assessed on a case by case basis. Visas rejected based on past criminal records, traffic offences, previous refusals, any undisclosed information or historical immigration discrepancies relevant to your application are not eligible for a refund from Restless World. We reserve the right to waive the NV/NF guarantee should your circumstances warrant it, but this will be agreed in writing before progressing with your application. All applicants with a criminal conviction and/or traffic offences are not entitled to the NV/NF guarantee.

        **All applicants are required to disclose any/all past criminal and/or serious traffic related offences and previous visa refusals for any country. Failure to disclose this information could lead to your application being rejected by the UK Visas and Immigration and could lead to a subsequent 10-year ban. Restless World cannot be held responsible for rejections or bans imposed by the UK Visas and Immigration on account of undisclosed information. If your visa application is rejected or denied based on a mistake made by Restless World staff, your original service fee will be refunded in full, and Restless World will pay for the cost of your re-application. Visa re-application is only applicable if we deem your application to be valid upon the correction of the original mistake made. In the event of an approved NV/NF re-application, we can only re-apply for the same visa as the original denied application (you cannot switch visa categories).

        ***The following visa services are exempt from the NV/NF guarantee: UK Visit Visa, UK Charity Visa, Registration for British Nationality, UK EEA Family Permit.