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UK EEA Family Permit

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The European Economic Area Family Permit - EEA Family Permit for short - allows the holder to enter the UK as a family member of a citizen of a contracting state to the European Economic Area agreement as well as Swiss citizens.

Why use Restless World?

Let Restless World take the stress away and assist with your EEA Family Permit application to ensure your application is 100% correct and complete before submission. What we will do: 

  • Complete the official UK EEA Family Permit application on your behalf
  • Create a personalised supporting documents checklist tailored to your specific circumstances
  • Provide you with advice, support and direct contact with our team of Visa Experts throughout the process
  • Review your application and supporting documentation prior to submission, making sure they are correct
  • If required, follow up on your application if there are delays
  • Simply put; we will complete the whole UK EEA Family Permit application for you!

⇢ Who can apply?

You can apply for an EEA family permit if you are both:

⇢ How much does it cost?

The EEA family permit is free!

⇢ How long can I stay?

An EEA family permit is issued for a period of 6 months. You can enter and exit the UK as many times as you wish.

⇢ What can I do while in the UK?
You are free to live and work in the UK. For example, do contract work, play sport and get paid for it!
⇢ I am an unmarried EEA partner, how do I qualify?

In order to qualify for the UK EEA Family Permit as an Unmarried Partner, you must:

  • Prove that you and your partner have been in a relationship akin to marriage for a minimum of 2 years
  • Prove that any children are yours, and are 17 years of age or under;
  • Be able to work in the UK;
  • Be able to support yourself (and any dependants) without the need to access public funds.

Please note:

If you’ve had a criminal conviction in the past, you may or may not be eligible depending on the circumstances. If this is the case, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assess your case.

⇢ A Word of Warning

If you make one small (very) common mistake in your application or unknowingly fail to provide the correct supporting documentation, your application will be refused. Restless World’s experienced staff have an in-depth knowledge of UK visa categories as well as processes and will ensure that your application is a successful one. 


*All refunds are assessed on a case by case basis. Visas rejected based on past criminal records, previous refusals or any undisclosed information relevant to your application are not eligible for a refund from Restless World. We reserve the right to waive the no visa = no fee guarantee should your circumstances warrant it, but this will be agreed in writing before progressing with your application.

**All applicants are required to disclose any/all past criminal and/or serious traffic related offences and previous visa refusals for any country. Failure to disclose this information could lead to your application being rejected by the UK Visas and Immigration and could lead to a subsequent 10-year ban. Restless World cannot be held responsible for rejections or bans imposed by the UK Visas and Immigration on account of undisclosed information.