UK Jobs

When you’re searching for a new job overseas, where do you start? It’s a tricky problem, and one that Restless World’s partner aims to solve.

All The Top Bananas’ mission is to be the most helpful job search provider in the UK. As such, everything that they do is designed to reach that goal, which is great news for anyone who is looking at applying for a visa in the UK. All The Top Bananas know exactly how hard it is to search for a new job, and realise that doing so in a totally different country is going to be even harder. That’s why they’ve worked hard to develop a job search system that automatically finds relevant and sought-after positions for its users by sifting through hundreds of websites’ worth of vacancies.

The technology used by All The Top Bananas is industry-leading. Their crawler – Boris the Job Spider – is able to read job boards, company websites, online newspapers and recruitment sites, and collates all of the relevant job ad information (salary, location, job title and description) on the index. It makes their site a one-stop shop for all UK based positions.

The site is used by thousands of UK job seekers every day to hunt for positions locally or nationally. On you can search by town name or postcode, and adjust how far you’d like your search to stretch. You can also search by position, salary, and a whole host of other fields.

What’s more, a job seeker can sell themselves on the site, with the ability to upload a CV, exposing it to a swathe of employers and recruitment agencies who are on the hunt for fresh talent. The All The Top Bananas team will also provide you with helpful tips and support on how you can make your CV the most effective tool possible.

So, once you’ve got your UK visa sorted, jump onto and start searching for your dream job! From all of us here at Restless World, good luck with the hunt. We’re cheering for you!