I already have a Visa for the UK, but can't travel due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic... what now?

Last updated - 1st April 2020

Here is everything you need to know about a Vignette Transfer!

Many of our clients who had planned to enter into the UK in the next weeks cannot travel anymore due to the international travel ban, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What will happen with the entry vignette (30-day entry clearance) and your UK visa once the entry vignette has expired?

Rest assured that your visa is not going to be cancelled, and that you are not the only person facing this dilemma right now. We are quite confident that it is only a matter of days until the UK Home Office makes an announcement on what can be done under these very special and unprecedented circumstances. 

Usually, when an entry vignette expires (this is under normal circumstances), the visa holder is eligible to apply for a Vignette Transfer to receive a new entry vignette, and therefore a new 30-day window to enter into the UK. The visa end date will remain the same as stated in the original visa approval letter. The new and old vignette is merely a 'pass' to enter into the UK for a period of 30 days, when you then collect the actual visa - which is called a BRP card. BRP stands for British Residence Permit and this card looks similar to a driver's license.

If you require assistance, we can lodge the Vignette Transfer for you, once you know your new arrival date into the UK. Until then, nothing needs to be done and your visa is not going to expire.

The vignette transfer (Transfer of Conditions) application costs GBP 154 with the UK Visas and Immigration - this is in addition to our Restless World service fee. We suspected that the UKVI may reduce or waive this fee in due course in light of the ever changing situation and current travel restrictions/recommendations, but at this stage, this has not been officially announced.

We will make sure to keep you posted with the latest developments and also recommend to follow us on our Facebook page for COVID-19 and UK travel & visa related news updates.

Stay safe & healthy!

The Restless World Team