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The Top 3 Reasons You Haven't Moved Overseas Yet... And How To Overcome Them!

Written by: Claire Chambers, The London Pub Co



One of the most common things we hear every day is “I’ve wanted to do this for years” but there can often be quite a few roadblocks between thinking about it and doing it. We’ve broken down some of the common reasons your adventure is on hold to help get you living and working in the UK sooner rather than later. Let’s get you over to the UK this year!


We know it can be daunting heading overseas and leaving everything you know behind. Especially if you have a comfortable job and a comfortable couch that you have become accustomed too. But that can also be snooze-ville boring!

An adventure doesn’t have to be scary… On the London Pub Co Programme you’ll be in an English speaking country that welcomes thousands of backpackers through the flight gates every year, and our placements are all live-in pub jobs, so you’ll have a new home with like-minded travellers ready to settle you in. Our team are all experienced travellers that can guide you through what to expect, and we’ll give you a handy pre and post arrival guide to walk you through each step.


OK…. Let’s get budgeting.

The beauty of heading into an arranged job in the UK is that you don’t need to worry about spending weeks struggling to find your own work, you’ll be earning the pound from the get go. All our jobs are full-time, you don’t pay any bills or a bond and there’s no high rent costs, you just pay a small amount for your board. So all you need is enough money to get you over there. The London Pub Co can talk you through the costs and savings you need to be eligible for your visa, then it’s just a one way flight, travel insurance and your job placement fee and you’re good to go!


You’ve always wanted to go to the UK but whenever you start to make plans it gets a bit overwhelming… what do you need to do first? Where to begin? 

We’ll make it easy for you. All you need to do is decide when you want to be in the UK. British Summer? White Christmas? Springtime? We work around the date of your choice and once you’ve made your decision we’ll reserve a space on the Live-In Pub Job Programme for you. That’s your home and job sorted. We can assist you with your visa application and all your travel arrangements. And that’s it. You’re on your way!

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