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Posted by Carolyn Gindein

What, why, when, how…

headshot-bangkokIs what I’m asking myself now it’s time to start the next adventure. What was I
thinking, why did it sound simple, when did I forget I hate forms, how can I get
someone else to do the boring bits for me?
Remember I said I have my UK Ancestral visa? Well, that process took several
glasses of wine, many sighs and moments of procrastination. I expected a form but
this was a mega-form that out-formed my application last year for a US J1 (work)
Oh I know it’s not difficult compared to a lot of things but I have an almost phobic
hatred of filling out forms which for some reason plague me. If I decide to do
something there’ll be a form to complete.
Now that I have filled out the mega-form and been granted my visa, guess what I
found, someone who would have been happy to do it for me. Hard to believe I know
but true.
Typically, it was only after I received my visa and started to check out sites looking
for info on all things UK that I found assistance.
Lucky, because I also found I needed things I’d never heard of.
OK, who else knew I needed an NI number or what that is? English folk, don’t
answer but for the non-English out there, it’s a National Insurance number and like
all government processes, isn’t simple.
FYI: If you don’t have one you pay extra tax BUT, you can’t get one until you’re in the
UK. I believe government departments everywhere have a common logic – none. No
provision for planning ahead, why would anyone do that?!
Aaghh, more wine, more sighs!
Back to my lucky find - Restless World (RW). I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the first service
I found, or contacted however, the website had more relevant info than others and
when I called I felt like I’d made a friend.
Certainly a contrast to another service’s rep that told me not to bother wasting his
time or mine as I wasn’t in the 18-25 year age group they usually deal with so would
be too hard to place in group housing.
I’ll have him know I’ve just spent 12 months living in hostels with all age groups and
personalities and am obviously better able to fit in than he and his attitude.
Lucky for him, I saw the Dalai Lama last week so…I’ve let it go.
Now I must go read through all the info RW sent me so I don’t rush in and do any
more of the boring stuff myself – let’s see what they can do first.

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