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Posted by Carolyn Gindein

What’s your resolution?

headshot-bangkokIt’s almost Christmas and I hear John Lennon asking, “what have you done?” That’s a signal to check off lists and consider New Year’s resolutions.
I don’t do resolutions as they often fall into the same bottomless pit as rash promises and unrealistic expectations however I have completed the list for this week.
One week may not seem much but what a week it’s been.
Amidst the whirl of Christmas socialising, visitors from Scotland, unexpected work (yes, I took another temp job to avoid packing), buying presents and trying to fit in some exercise (I tried), I managed to complete another relocation task.
Yay – the shipping is done.  Today I sealed the boxes so nothing else can go to London and as I decide the hairdryer would be handy tonight, you know where it is don’t you?

The hardest part about the shipping was deciding what to send and what to keep with me. As usual I’ve complicated things by;
a) travelling from one extreme climate to another
b) not paying attention to time requirements

I have a month of Aussie summer in WA before going to the UK. So what’s the dilemma?  Carrying enough winter stuff because I’ll arrive in the UK before my belongings and enough summer stuff for a month and no, I can’t wear the same shorts and top for a month – I’m not that kind of gal.
This brings me to TIP # 1 – Organise your shipping in a timely manner.

All the information was on the Restless website, including the eight to ten weeks time allowance for shipping.  Unfortunately, not only did time fly but my mindset was telling me I had loads of time to organise as I wasn’t arriving until next year.
While I’m grateful my Restless contact asked in a gentle tone last week, “do you realise you arrive in London in six weeks,” I do think she could have reminded me earlier.   I was busy thinking of the fun stuff!

So, after a quick call to the shippers (friendly and efficient) and a weekend of sorting, packing and re-packing, the boxes leave tomorrow.
It’s hard to believe there’s only a couple of sleeps until Christmas so I’ll be taking a break with the rest of you for a couple of weeks but will be back to chat and answer your questions early NEXT YEAR.

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year – talk to you soon.

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