Essentials Packs

Our UK Essentials Packs are, well, essential for smart travellers.  With customised options to choose from, you are certain to find the one that has everything you need to make the most of your UK experience.

Need somewhere to stay when you first arrive in London? why not add Accommodation to your UK Essentials Packs at our fabulous partner Hostels CLINK78 & CLINK261

phpthumb41 night in a 12 bedded dorm only $28AUD or $32AUD Fri/Sat

1 night in a 8 bedded dorm only $31AUD or $35AUD Fri/Sat

1 night in a 4 bedded dorm only $34AUD or $38AUD Fri/Sat

You can book any combo of nights using our Rates HERE


UK Essentials Pack

Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa plus UK Essentials Pack

Ancestry Visa plus UK Essentials Pack


Canadian Essentials pack

We also offer a fantastic Essentials pack to smooth your arrival into Canada. The pack includes;

Canadian Working Holiday Program plus Essentials


To purchase any of our Essentials Packs, visit our Shop HERE or contact us directly!

Call us on: AUS 1300 141 033, NZ +612 9318 7888 or email an enquiry HERE.

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