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Stay out of trouble with free language guides for your iPod

Free iPod phrasebooks below:

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Be a smart traveller. Before heading overseas:

Is it safe where you are going?

Our friends over at World Nomads have created a fantastic array of tips and tools that will help you stay safe and well on the big trip!

Below we’ve put together a list of really useful and interesting topics.

Travel safety hub:
  1. 6 tips for Travel Health - before you go
  2. Do I need Travel Insurance?
  3. Your personal medical kit
  4. 8 tips for staying healthy on the road
  5. Travel scam 101
  6. Scams - the advanced course

Tips For Travellers In An Economic Downturn

“Some would say that now is the best time to travel because prices are dropping and the travel and hospitality industries are offering a lot of good deals to woo travelers. It’s looking more and more like a ‘buyers’ market because travellers have more options,” says Martin Symes, CEO of Wego . “You never know. That getaway you’ve been dreaming of could be just a click away!”

Check prices regularly. Prices are adjusted on a daily basis – sometimes even every few hours – so if you’ve got your eye on a particular destination, remember that a good deal could come up anytime.

Always compare prices. To avoid wasting your time searching through numerous websites, be sure to use a comparative travel search engine like Wego has the ability to scan over 100 travel sites and enable you to compare rates for airlines, accommodations and packages. Even when you see an offer in a newspaper or hear of a good deal from a friend, you can always test how good the deal is by comparing it to others on Wego. - Travel Search Engine | Find Travel Deals Today

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