NI Number

To work, earn and pay taxes in the UK, you’ll need to get a National Insurance Number (NIN).

An NI Number, or NIN, is the personal number given to you by the UK Department for Work and Pension. Having an NIN allows you to work, pay taxes, and access public services in the UK.  It is similar to the Tax File Number (TFN) in Australia or the IRD in New Zealand.

Your NIN is used for deducting tax and National Insurance from your earnings and as a reference number for the benefits and tax credits system in the UK. You’ll need to quote your NIN in any communication you have with HM Revenue and Customs and the Department for Work and Pension.

If you don’t have an NIN when you start work, you will have to pay emergency tax.  That’s why it is a good idea to get it organised as soon as you arrive.

How do I get an NIN?

After you have entered the United Kingdom, we will apply for your NIN by contacting the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). 

When we call, we will be asked a series of identifying and qualifying questions about your visa status and place of residence in the UK.

It will then be determined whether or not you will be required to attend an interview at a local Job Centre Branch.  Most commonly, however, an application form will be simply sent to you in the mail, usually within 7 days,  for you to complete, sign and return.  You should then receive your NIN within a few weeks!

We’ll then email you the details of the appointment where necessary, or alternatively, advise that the forms will be posted.  This will save you the hassle of doing it yourself and potentially leaving it so that it takes months before you get your number.  You can get this great service as part of a UK Essentials Pack or as a single service for just $55AUD or $68NZD

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