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Posted by Carolyn Gindein

How Time Flies

headshot-bangkokGetting back to the plan, I mentioned it earlier but only covered the first, have ticket
will travel, part. You might say the fun part.
The next part goes something like; visit family & friends in Australia, work a few
months, apply for a UK Ancestral visa, return to the UK by Christmas.
Why the UK? Was it my favourite place? No but it’s a great base to travel from. Not
only is everything a lot closer and cheaper to get to, the pound has a better exchange
rate than our Aussie dollar. Oh, and I speak the language quite well.
As far as plans go, mine’s still on track if a little behind schedule.
A slight hiccup along the way called the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), meant
exchange rates plummeted (I spent more) and when I returned to Australia, there
was less work at lower than previous rates. How annoying!
My family aren’t too disappointed as it means I’m in Australia for Christmas and my
birthday so there is a silver lining to the GFC after all. On reflection, I’m not too
disappointed either.
I’ve been in Sydney since I returned but most of my family and friends are in WA so
the updated plan includes spending all of January catching up with them, having an
Aussie summer, then February 1 – up, up and away.
I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. This time last year I’d just arrived in
Sweden after five months in America. It feels like yesterday. It also feels like a long
time ago and I can’t wait to be out there again, seeing new places, meeting more
My Aussie time has flown by too and I haven’t done half the things I wanted to. I’ve
been around the world and still haven’t seen the NSW coast. Where did the time go?
Six months have disappeared but not without a trace. I’ve worked (albeit
unwillingly), gained my Ancestral visa, organised my flights to Perth and UK,
managed to fit in a bit of travel around NSW & ACT and now must sort the UK part
of the plan.
After much thought I’ve decided having accommodation and work organised will
enable me to continue my IWOM lifestyle sooner than if I waste time and money
when I arrive.
I want to be planning my first trip away by March not looking for work. How on
earth will I sort that from here?

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