Anyone for champagne?

headshot-bangkok1It’s my birthday today so I’ve had a glass of champagne at breakfast and am now thinking about
going to the beach for a while. Ah, this is the life and this is definitely the weather. I’ve always loved
having my birthday in summer, pool parties and beach trips – there’s nothing like it.

Whilst I’m enjoying all this I’m wondering what on earth possessed me to head to the Northern
hemisphere at this time of year. I remember thinking it would be good to start my next adventure as
close to the beginning of the year as possible but now think I was a little careless in the timing.


Can’t say no

headshot-bangkok1We’re only a week into January and already I’ve been a little naughty. Not surprising for a girl who’s only rule is to have no rules but I did think I’d make it to February and my UK adventure before getting too out of hand.
I could use the excuse that it’s the silly season so I can’t be blamed for this lapse in sensible
behaviour but perhaps I should own up and say I’m behaving true to form, unable to pass up a great opportunity and leave it at that.
What did I do? [More]

What’s your resolution?

headshot-bangkokIt’s almost Christmas and I hear John Lennon asking, “what have you done?” That’s a signal to check off lists and consider New Year’s resolutions.
I don’t do resolutions as they often fall into the same bottomless pit as rash promises and unrealistic expectations however I have completed the list for this week.
One week may not seem much but what a week it’s been.
Amidst the whirl of Christmas socialising, visitors from Scotland, unexpected work (yes, I took another temp job to avoid packing), buying presents and trying to fit in some exercise (I tried), I managed to complete another relocation task.
Yay – the shipping is done.  Today I sealed the boxes so nothing else can go to London and as I decide the hairdryer would be handy tonight, you know where it is don’t you? [More]

Head or Heart?

headshot-bangkokSo, I’ve read all the info and now have more decisions to make. I was happy to stop at one decision – go on another adventure. That’s good enough for me.

I wonder if Christopher Columbus had to do this much planning? Maybe life was simpler when they thought the world was flat! Haha, if it was maybe I could walk to the UK and save myself an airfare (plus arrive fit and thin).

Anyway, my enthusiastic Restless contact sent me all the information I need to ensure when I get to the UK I have a place to live, a job, a bank account, a sim card with great rates and won’t pay too much tax. All I need to do is decide which of these things I want and when. [More]

What, why, when, how…

headshot-bangkokIs what I’m asking myself now it’s time to start the next adventure. What was I
thinking, why did it sound simple, when did I forget I hate forms, how can I get
someone else to do the boring bits for me?
Remember I said I have my UK Ancestral visa? Well, that process took several
glasses of wine, many sighs and moments of procrastination. I expected a form but
this was a mega-form that out-formed my application last year for a US J1 (work)
visa. [More]

How Time Flies

headshot-bangkokGetting back to the plan, I mentioned it earlier but only covered the first, have ticket
will travel, part. You might say the fun part.
The next part goes something like; visit family & friends in Australia, work a few
months, apply for a UK Ancestral visa, return to the UK by Christmas.
Why the UK? Was it my favourite place? No but it’s a great base to travel from. Not
only is everything a lot closer and cheaper to get to, the pound has a better exchange
rate than our Aussie dollar. Oh, and I speak the language quite well.
As far as plans go, mine’s still on track if a little behind schedule. [More]

Introducing IWOM

headshot-bangkokTo kick start my life as an International Woman of Mystery (IWOM), I took a Christmas
cruise that had port stops around Western Australia. I had friends to farewell and
thought it would be a nice way to travel. The fact that most people don’t use an ocean
liner as transportation confirmed to everyone that I was serious about this new IWOM
career. [More]

And so we begin…

headshot-bangkokThe question is; where to start? I was born in Fremantle, Western Australia…no, that’ll
take too long.
What about, “as a child I dreamed of faraway and exotic things, seeing pyramids and
palaces, deserts and tropical islands, speaking different languages and teaching funny
Aussie words to eager listeners.”
I also wanted to be part of the Von Trapp family (made famous in ”The Sound of Music”),
sail with pirates and travel in a caravan across the desert with Bedouins and yes, I got
most of these ideas from watching old movies. Doesn’t everyone? [More]