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Australia and New Zealand have different rules around being awarded this great visa.

Australian criteria;

Australians are awarded this visa for a 2 year period and can re-apply as many times as the age limit permits!

New Zealand criteria;

New Zealanders are awarded this visa for a 1 year period and can not re-apply even if the visa was not utilised.

When you sign up for our Canadian working holiday Program visa service Restless will:

Successful applications

If your application is approved you will be issued a Letter of Introduction. The Letter of Introduction will be sent to you by email. You should NOT book/pay for any travel to Canada, purchase insurance for your stay in Canada, or make commitments to your prospective employer in Canada (if you have one) until you receive your Letter of Introduction.

The Letter of Introduction (LOI) is not your work permit — rather, it identifies you to the port of entry as being eligible to receive a work permit.  As such, you must be sure to present the LOI to a port of entry officer when arriving in Canada. Your LOI is valid for 12 months from date of issue. If you had undergone a medical exam with one of the designated medical practitioners as part of your WHP application, your LOI will be valid for 12 months from the date of the medical examination. The last date on which you can present the LOI at a port of entry to Canada and receive a work permit is indicated on the LOI.

Eg. If you are issued with a LOI on the 1st of November 2010, you would have to enter Canada before November 1, 2011. Upon your entry to Canada, when you present this letter, the Port of Entry Officer has the discretion to grant you up to 24 months on your working holiday work permit. NOTE: work permits may not be issued to exceed the validity of your passport. As such, be sure that your passport is valid beyond the period of time you wish to work in Canada.

Canadian Essentials Pack  $89

We also offer a fantastic Essentials pack to smooth your arrival into Canada. The pack includes;

Our Canadian Visa Assistance is only $199* or $250* when combined with the Canadian Essentials Pack.

We think it’s a great idea to complete our Online Assessment just to make sure you’re applying for the right visa.

*Does not include the Canadian Consulate fee


Call us on: AUS 1300 141 033, NZ +612 9318 7888 or email an enquiry HERE.

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