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Posted by Carolyn Gindein

Anyone for champagne?

headshot-bangkok1It’s my birthday today so I’ve had a glass of champagne at breakfast and am now thinking about
going to the beach for a while. Ah, this is the life and this is definitely the weather. I’ve always loved
having my birthday in summer, pool parties and beach trips – there’s nothing like it.

Whilst I’m enjoying all this I’m wondering what on earth possessed me to head to the Northern
hemisphere at this time of year. I remember thinking it would be good to start my next adventure as
close to the beginning of the year as possible but now think I was a little careless in the timing.

Maybe it’s not just lazing around on my birthday enjoying summer that’s causing scary thoughts of freezing weather versus beach days and warm nights. You see, I had an email the other day from a friend in Portugal and although I had to laugh when I read the question he posed, I could understand the logic behind it. 

He stated that people in Portugal, perhaps most of Europe, see Australia as a land of beautiful weather and many opportunities so why, he asked, do so many Australians move to the UK? 

Because I agree with that vision of Australia, I laughed out loud as my choice does seem odd when put it that simply.

When I stopped laughing at how crazy it must seem, I replied with an explanation that I’m choosing a lifestyle not a place – or climate. I realise it’s hard for European people to understand why Aussies would be attracted to what they see as nothing out of the ordinary.

My European and English friends think nothing of going to another country for the weekend but think Aussies do amazing long term trips. They don’t understand that “big trips” are our norm to ustify cost and distance.

I put the question to my friend; had he considered travelling to Australia? He gets it now. He’d love to see Australia but says it’s very expensive to travel so far. Of course, I wasn’t surprised.

So, now that we all understand each other, I’ve actually completed another relocation task – on my birthday so I think that calls for more champagne. Today I’ve completed and emailed my application form for the Jumpstart program.

Had I realised it was such a simple form (remember my form-phobia) I would’ve done it sooner. One page, filled out online and emailed. Who’d have thought it would be that simple to get my accommodation and job organised?

It must be five o’clock somewhere; time for champagne!

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